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We Design Professional WordPress Websites

Website Design Services

About This Service


Are you looking for a DESKTOP, MOBILE & TABLET friendly responsive and beautiful website? You are at the right place!


We are passionate and believe in best practices and modern trends in web development. Your site's design is the first thing your customers see. That's the reason why we design sites that reflect your style and industry. 


What You Will Get:


Fast loading and mobile responsive website, unlimited revisions, complete Control Panel (Admin Dashboard), Premium WordPress theme and plugins, Yoast SEO Plugins, Wood fence security plugins, full refund if you are not satisfied with the end product.


What we need to design your site:


Business Logo (if you don't have any, no worries as we'll design a basic logo for you), Introduction, About Business, Colors scheme, Page Names and Content, also provide any sample website you really like.

See Examples Below

Canadas Best Insurance - Expert Financial Advisors.webp

Our Pricing Packages


Buy $340 Basic Package Below


Buy $970 Standard Package Below


Buy $1,660 Premium Package Below


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we need to start your project?

A: To get started, you will need domain and hosting.

Q: What if I don't have my domain and hosting available right now?

A: Don't worry, we can temporarily work on your project on our personal domain and transfer it once your domain and hosting are available and fully functional.

Q: Do you provide guidance to domain and hosting too?

A: Yes, we provide guidance regarding the domain and hosting and will solve every issue you face in the purchasing process. We can also purchase it for you if needed. After purchasing, we will then do the setup and have it working for your website.

Q: Can I edit my website after it is developed?

A: Absolutely Yes! Once the website is developed, we can provide you with small instructional videos and within minutes you can learn the editing of your website and can manage small tasks like updating text content, updating images etc., very much easily.

Q: Do you provide Speed Optimization Services?

A: Yes, we guarantee that the website will be fast and have less loading time.

Q:  Do you provide samples for website layout from the start of the project?

A: Yes, just mention any type of website you want and we will send you professional website links and templates which you can choose from. We also design company profiles, brochures and product catalogues.

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