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Texty Review | Txty Review for Amazon Sellers

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Legally Get Amazon Customer Reviews by Building a Text List From Your Amazon Sales With Texty From

In this Texty Review, or Txty Review you will learn why it is important to get Amazon reviews or other customer reviews for your brands or products in order to succeed as an Amazon seller. Every successful Amazon seller will tell you this one secret: In order to become a successful Amazon seller, nothing is more important than taking charge of your customer relationship and brand success through Amazon customer reviews. These are not just reviews but 4 to 5-star reviews! This is the one thing that will separate you from the rest of your peers. Once you learn the real secret to making it as an Amazon seller, you will be well on your way to the top. The secret lies in creating lasting customer relationships, thus getting you those reviews you have always wanted for your brands or products.

Watch Video Below And Learn How You Can Start Getting Those Customer Reviews You Have Always Wanted!

Learn How to Get Started With a 14-Day FREE Trial Now!

How to Legally Get Amazon Customer Reviews With Texty from

Let's face it, selling on Amazon is hard enough, but building your brand should be easy! The most important aspect of becoming a successful Amazon seller is getting in touch with your customers. Texty empowers brand owners to directly connect with any customer that buys their product, no matter where they buy it from. Isn't this just amazing? Of course it is, but there is one problem and that problem is what I refer to as "The Amazon Wall".

What is the Amazon wall?

Texty Review_The Amazon Wall

Well, there is no easier answer to this question than this self-explanatory one: The Amazon wall is simply a barrier or a wall that Amazon creates between you and your customers. This is illustrated in the image provided above. What the Amazon wall does is to strategically hide important buyer information from brands who sell on Amazon, thus keeping you from accessing your customers' information such as emails, addresses, phone numbers or other crucial information that small businesses need to survive. Why do you think big brands such as Nike and Ikea stopped selling on the Amazon platform?

What is the Solution?

Texty is the solution, period. In this Texty Review, you will learn how Texty works and how you can leverage Texty's power of communicating directly with your customers and getting impactful results like tons of 5-star reviews for your products and additional sales.

How Does Texty Really Work?

The following short video presentation gives an overview and quick explanation of how Texty creates instant customized messages for your customers, giving access to valuable information such as their email, phone number and addresses. These customers are automatically added to your TEXT LIST, forever! Can you imagine what you would do with a text list of customers created over a 12-month period? Your guess is as good as mine.

Press PLAY Button Below to Learn How Texty is Able to Break This Thick Amazon Wall Between You And Your Valuable Customers.

Are You Still Not Convinced?

When it comes to getting tons of reviews for your products or brand, let Texty put your customer review acquisition on auto-pilot by integrating your own branded inserts in your products.

Learn How to Get Started With a 14-Day FREE Trial Now!

With customers on your list, business opportunities are endless as there are so many things you can do with that list. From within the Texty dashboard, you will have the ability to send any of those customers as many messages as you want based on what products they bought from you. You will have the ability to send a single message broadcast, or an entire automatic conversation as a broadcast, just as you have probably been doing with your small email list. Are you ready to try Texty for a free 14-day trial? Follow the link above and get started today. I would ask you to share this post on your Social Media profiles, but we both know that it might not be such a good idea when it comes to your competitors learning the secrets to your success. Cheers.

Thank you for visiting, we hope to see you again soon.

P.S. Affiliate marketers interested in promoting this great product can Sign Up To Become Texty Affiliates Here!

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